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Chiudi Prosegui

Luis Sepúlveda and the Modena City Ramblers in concert

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for Thesis/Dedicafestival

It is not the first time Luis Sepúlveda and the Modena City Ramblers meet. The Chilean writer supplied the Emilian band with texts for their songs in the past and there were occasions where the Ramblers played after an event or a book presentation concerning Sepúlveda. For the first time, Sepúlveda and the Ramblers will share a stage in a Dedica Festival exclusive event, mixing music and words, tales of battles and marginal heroes, secret routes, pop Latin American, Celtic and Italian atmospheres. Finally, the Modena City Ramblers will also regale the audience with a preview of some of the tracks from their new, widely anticipated album.

Luca Serio Bertolini guitar and voice
Franco D'Aniello whistles and wind instruments
Massimo "Ice" Ghiacci bass and voice
Francesco "Fry" Moneti violin and string instruments
Davide "Dudu" Morandi voice
Leonardo Sgavetti accordion and keyboards
Roberto Zeno drums and percussions

Modena City Ramblers website >> 
Il Deposito website >>


Friday 13 March at 8.45pm
Il Deposito (Naonian Concert Hall - Deposito Giordani)
Admission € 15,00 (standing room only)

Tickets may be bought in pre-sale online
Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi, Pordenone website >>