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Chiudi Prosegui

Waiting for Dedica

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This year, for the first time, a cycle of collateral events realised in cooperation with many authorities that operate in the cultural scene of Friuli-Venezia Giulia will take place before the start of the Festival.

A LIFE OF FORMIDABLE PASSIONS: Sepúlveda, stories and places

The cultural association Bottega Errante, in cooperation with the bookshop Quo Vadis?, presents a staged reading concerning Luis Sepúlveda's writings and the places he holds dear. Actors Claudio Moretti and Fabiano Fantini and the musician Sebastiano Zorza will stage a reading where travel and South America, magical tales and prophetic stories, unlikely encounters and charming characters intersect through the words of the great Chilean writer.


With the project Il dialogo creativo, PNbox offers a cocktail to sample Chilean wines and typical dishes of Friuli-Venezia Giulia with a dash of South American taste. In the course of the evening, actress Lisa Moras will read a selection of writings by Sepúlveda, who is a notorious gourmand.


Biblioclub, the reading club of the Biblioteca Civica of Sacile, organises two meetings to analyse texts by the Chilean author: a meeting for children with excerpts from La Trilogia dell'amicizia, texts read in Spanish by Maria Delfina Paez and a surprise workshop; in another meeting, Maria and Augusto Balliana from the Biblioclub, will present a staged reading.


The Libreria Diffusa, based in Udine and reuniting under its brand Odos, Kobo Shop, Cooperativa Libraria Università Friulana (C.L.U.F.), Martincigh and La Pecora Nera, holds a meeting to illustrate the over 20 years of history of Dedica Festival through the monographs centred on the authors that took part to it.


The conference, which is fostered by the cultural association La Ruota from Gruaro, Venice, will start with an imaginary interview with Luis Sepúlveda, built on real interviews, memories and cogitations that explore the author's relationship with poetry. A staged reading of poems written by the Chilean writer will follow; the themes will space from his love for his partner and loved ones to his social and political commitment. “In my lines, a very hidden part of myself finally lets go of its armour and clothes”, Sepúlveda said; such a statement brings him closer to the public, almost like a friend.