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Chiudi Prosegui

Dedica Meeting

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Monday 13 March
Pordenone – Sala Oceano Servizi CGN 6.15 p.m.
Wind, Sea, Writing, Happiness
a conversation with Björn Larsson

As he says, "writing is a little like sailing", and Larsson invites us to enter the boatyard of writing, to delve into that hidden part of the mind and the soul where we design the keel, where we store the building materials, and where we unfurl the sails of the imagination until the moment of illumination when the chapters seem to write themselves, when reality comes into being with the symbolic energy of art or when fantasy is able to "imagine the truth" and to create that mysterious bond between a writer and his readers – a bond that can be so strong as to change the very life of the first and, at times, of the second too.

Free admission

Event organized in collaboration with Servizi CGN



Friday 24 March
Cordenons – Auditorium Centro Culturale Aldo Moro 8.45 p.m.
theatrical performance written by and featuring Gabriella Greison
produced by TieffeTeatro Menotti, directed by Emilio Russo

In 1927. Monologo Quantistico, Gabriella Greison uses photographs, music and video clips to recount some of the most disturbing, mysterious, amusing and human events that came together in the development of Quantum Physics. Starting with the famous photograph, taken in 1927, of 29 men, almost all of them physicists, and 17 of whom would go on to win the Nobel prize, Gabriella Greison re-constructs their conversations, their evening talks and discussions, but she also describes their personal foibles and weaknesses.
In an hour-long, almost breathless monologue, Einstein, Schrödinger (and his cat), Dirac, Heisenberg, Bohr and all the others are described through a succession of curious facts and emotions so that, even while acknowledging their greatness, they appear in a less than conventional light.

Gabriella Greison was born in Milan, but now lives in Rome. She is a physicist, writer, science lecturer and journalist. She graduated in Nuclear Physics in Milan, and worked for two years at the École Polytechnique in Paris. She taught physics and mathematics to high–school students for several years. Greison has also presented a number of science shows for radio and television, and contributes to several newspapers. She edited Sono un bambino (ma nessuno può sgridarmi), the autobiography of Italian actor Giancarlo Giannini, and has also written a number of books including: Prossima fermata: Highbury (2010), Ora che cominciava a piacermi (2011), Le giacche degli allenatori (2013), La guerra del pallone: storie di vita e di calcio in Palestina (2015), Dove nasce la nuova fisica. Einstein, Hawking and gli altri alla corte di Solvay (2016), L’incredibile cena dei fisici quantistici (2016).

Event sponsored by BCC Pordenonese

In collaboration with Comune di Cordenons – Assessorato alla Cultura  

Admission €10.00 / Students €5.00 (numbered seats)


Saturday 25 March
Villorba (Treviso) - Teatro del Pane 8 p.m.
"Dinner and literature" promoted by Teatro del Pane 



Stage reading from Björn Larsson's book presented by Luca Crovi
Evening sponsored by the Municipality of Villorba (Treviso)
Info and bookings:


Friday 7 April
Sacile – Fazioli Concert Hall 8.45 p.m.
LARS DANIELSSON plays Liberetto featuring Grégory Privat
concert promoted by Circolo Controtempo as a tribute to DedicaFestival 2017

In a tribute to Björn Larsson, Controtempo presents this evening of music as part of the “Piano Jazz” series. Swedish double-bass player Lars Danielsson, with his warm, melodious music, is considered to be one of Europe's foremost contemporary jazz musicians. With the combination of Nordic musical richness and his extraordinary talent as a composer, Lars Danielsson's approach to jazz is all-encompassing, and includes explorations of classical music and even pop. Danielsson has recorded ten albums with this quartet, and over the last few years has played mainly with pianists. Grégory Privat from Martinique, a rising star in the world of jazz, has worked as a permanent member of the “Liberetto” quartet since 2015.

Info and bookings: