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Prelude to Dedica

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There is nothing Don Quixotesque or romantic about wanting to change the world. It can be done. It is the ancient vocation of all mankind.
I cannot imagine a life which is better than one dedicated to passion, dreams and stubbornness in fighting against chaos and disillusionment.
Gioconda Belli

This increasingly important part of the Festival takes place throughout the region and also in two new towns (this year we are adding Cervignano and Marano Lagunare), and will begin on 15 February with A prelude to Dedica, a series of scenic readings, meetings and music which is the prelude to the 25th edition of the Festival organized by the Thesis association, which will take place in Pordenone from 9 to 16 March with its guest, Nicaraguan Gioconda Belli, the internationally renowned poet, journalist and author.

Thirteen meetings, all with free admission, in which the public are invited to participate. "The theme of the Festival", explains the organizer of the events forming the prelude to the Festival, Andrea Visentin, "starts with the guest's verses and a variety of themes linked to her country of origin, Nicaragua, and then broadens in scope to a wider reflection on life in Latin America, examining the hopes and despair of the people, but centred very closely on the main theme of Gioconda Belli's writing: the world of women".

The events comprising A prelude to Dedica therefore revolve around women, and involve a number of extraordinary female artistes from the Friuli Region: actors Aida Talliente and Carlotta Del Bianco, and singer Claudia Grimaz.
A full programme of events, made possible by the synergies and collaborations that the Thesis association has developed with a number of cultural organizations, associations and institutions throughout the region, including Fondazione Friuli, Crédit Agricole Friuladria, Servizi Cgn, the Municipalities of Azzano Decimo, Cervignano del Friuli, Marano Lagunare and Porcia, UTE Sacile and Altolivenza, Bottega Errante, Librerie in Comune in Udine, Caffè Letterario Codroipese, Pordenone Civic Library and Libreria Quo Vadis?, Associazione La Ruota in Gruaro.
After the opening event in Veneto, a scenic reading of “Odi al Nicaragua” in the Council Chamber of the Gruaro Town Hall on 15 February at 8:45 pm, the Old Fishmarket in Marano Lagunare will host the debut of “Bastiancontrarie. Storie di femmine libere e disobbedienti”, a recital for two voices performed by Angelo Floramo and Claudia Grimaz (Saturday, 16 February at 8:45 pm): a gallery of stubborn and resilient female protagonists who, in history, in legend or in literature were able to liberate their femininity in the form of ideas, dreams, hopes and yearnings for freedom. Three performances of this event are planned, all at 8.45 pm: on 21 February, for the Caffè Letterario Codroipese at “Al Doge”, Villa Manin in Passariano; on 23 February at the San Gregorio Hospice in Sacile, and on 1 March in the Enal Hall in Tiezzo di Azzano Decimo.
Voices and ideas inspired by artistes of various media will accompany guests during a voyage of unexplored areas of the feminine universe in the scenic reading “Faguas. Nel Paese delle donne” curated by actress and director Carlotta Del Bianco, with music by Jacopo Casadio: 19 February at 8.45 pm at the Casello di Guardia in Porcia, and 6 March (again at 8:45 pm) at the House of Music in Cervignano del Friuli.
And Aida Talliente will accompany the public in “Il profumo delle zagare. Lettura itinerante dai libri di Gioconda Belli” curated by Andrea Visentin, which will start in Udine on Saturday, 2 March at 5:00 pm from the Libreria Friuli, and then onto the Caffè dei Libri, La Feltrinelli, Libreria Gaspari Einaudi and Libreria Tarantola.
Two meetings are scheduled – 26 February at 5:30 pm at Palazzo Contarini (offices of the Fondazione Friuli) in Udine, and then on 27 February at 6:15 pm at Oceano Servizi Cgn in Pordenone – where participants can enjoy “Latino America. Continente sospeso tra speranze e disillusioni” with Guido Piccoli, a journalist, director and dramatist with a vast knowledge of life in Latin America.
In “Varcando il confine”, Aldo Pavan, photographer, journalist and video-maker will accompany the public to Nicaragua, a place of enchantment and poetry, on 20 February at 6:00 pm in the Pordenone Civic Library (where the documentary film “Il caffè all'ombra - viaggio in Nicaragua” will be screened).
Voyages, dreams, but above all, books. On 22 February at 6:00 pm, the subject will be Latin American literature, which has always been a source of enormous fascination for Europeans and, in particular, Italians: the Civic Library in Cervignano del Friuli will be the venue for “Amor America”, a meeting with Mauro Daltin, writer, editor and curator of the La notte dei lettori festival in Udine and the Festival del Coraggio in Cervignano.
And of course Gioconda Belli has not overlooked books for youngsters: on Saturday 23 February, at the Dante Alighieri primary school in Sacile, “L’animale che ride” , hosted by Maria Balliana, journalist, writer of local historical texts and children's books.


ODI AL NICARAGUA (Odes to Nicaragua)
scenic reading
organized by La Ruota from Gruaro

This event, as part of the Dedica festival, describes Nicaragua, a country which according to Gioconda Belli is extraordinarily beautiful.
With its extraordinary vital force and energy, Nicaragua has been the inspiration for a number of her novels, and sparked the poetic inspiration of the author who describes the country in terms of the brightness of its skies, the red of its volcanoes and the myriad green hues of its countryside.

Friday 15 February, 8.45 pm
GRUARO (Venezia)
Council Chamber of the Town Hall
Piazza E. Del Ben 9


Stories of liberated and rebellious women
recital for two voices with Angelo Floramo and Claudia Grimaz

"Bastiancontrarie" is a gallery of stubborn and rebellious women who, historically, in legend and literature, liberated their femininity through their ideas, dreams, hopes and yearning for freedom.
Peasants, philosophers, warriors, witches, poets and prophets, but also normal women, young and old, taking part in the day-to-day battle against the prejudice and arrogance of a world in which, today more than ever, they feel the need to be heard and understood from their viewpoint.

Saturday 16 February, 8.45 pm
Marano Lagunare (Udine) – Old Fishmarket
Piazza C. Colombo 1

Thursday 21 February, 8.45 pm
Codroipo (Udine) – Villa Manin in Passariano, Il Nuovo Doge Restaurant
Via dei Dogi 2

Saturday 23 February, 8.45 pm 
Sacile (Pordenone) – Ospitale di San Gregorio
Via G. Garibaldi 62

Friday 1 March, 8.45 pm
Tiezzo di Azzano Decimo (Pordenone) – Enal Hall
Via Piave 1


FAGUAS. NEL PAESE DELLE DONNE (Faguas. In the Land of Women)
scenic reading by Carlotta Del Bianco
music by Jacopo Casadio

Voices and ideas inspired by a range of different artistes are the guiding force behind this voyage, during which the exploration of the feminine universe – a central element in the verses and narrative of Gioconda Belli – will take centre stage.

Tuesday 19 February, 8.45 pm
Porcia (Pordenone) – Casello di Guardia
Via A. De Pellegrini

Wednesday 6 March, 8.45 pm
Cervignano del Friuli (Udine) – House of Music
Largo Galliano Bradaschia


VARCANDO IL CONFINE (Crossing the Border)
discussion with Aldo Pavan
presented by Daniele Zongaro

Not simply a travel report, but a real and sincere gesture of love towards Nicaragua, an enchanting and suggestive land inhabited by people with an extraordinary rapport with poetry.
During the course of the event, the documentary film Il caffè all'ombra - viaggio in Nicaragua will be screened.

Wednesday 20 February, 6.00 pm
Civic Library – T. Degan Room
Piazza XX Settembre 11


conversation with Mauro Daltin
presented by Andrea Visentin

Voyages, dreams and, especially, books. Latin American literature has always fascinated the European – and especially Italian – reading public. From Gabriel Garcia Márquez to Mario Vargas Llosa, from Gioconda Belli to Mario Benedetti, from Luis Sepúlveda to Osvaldo Soriano, to name just a few, the authors and their stories have gained huge numbers of readers – male and female – thanks to the evocative force of their tales of rebellion and that "magical realism" which was unique to the era.
Reading by Addis Brizi Valsàssina, a volunteer reader at the Library.

Friday 22 February, 6.00 pm
Cervignano del Friuli (Udine)
Civic Library "Giuseppe Zigaina"
via Trieste 33


L’ANIMALE CHE RIDE (The Laughing Animal)
reading for children
by Maria Balliana

At the very beginnings of the world, in the middle of the primordial forest, a sound that had never been heard before. It was the laughter of the very first baby boy and baby girl as they took their first, halting steps.
La prima risata (The First Laugh) is a children's book by Gioconda Belli, a delicate and curious tale full of surprises and funny situations.

Saturday 23 February
Sacile (Pordenone)
San Giovanni di Livenza
Scuola Primaria Dante Alighieri


(Latin America. A Continent hanging between Hope and Disappointment)
discussion with Guido Piccoli

Latin America, a region as huge as an entire continent, is a land of enormous resources and huge potential, but also massive contradictions. Poverty, inequality and social disparity created by a huge imbalance in the distribution of wealth have, in many countries, fuelled civil or guerrilla wars started by revolutionary movements which were formed in order to fight for freedom, equality and justice. How is it that these attempts seemed to vanish into thin air, only to be replaced by regimes very similar to those that they wanted to change, and leaving only disillusionment and empty words such as golpe and caudillo?

Tuesday 26 February, 5.30 pm
Fondazione Friuli Offices
Palazzo Contarini
Via Manin 15
presents Gabriella Cecotti

Wednesday 27 February, 6.15 pm
Oceano Head Office Servizi CGN
Via Jacopo Linussio 1/B
presents Claudio Cattaruzza


(The Fragrance of Orange Blossoms, a Travelling Reading of the works of Gioconda Belli)
curated by Andrea Visentin
readings by Aida Talliente

A travelling reading in five bookstores in the town of Udine, bringing to the public the works of Gioconda Belli and her literary world.
A chance to get a close-up view of the author's literary imagination and to understand the female universe which is a focal point of many of her novels, detailing the difficult link between the past and the present in a country fuelled by rebellion and poetry.

Saturday 2 March, 5.00 pm
Bookstores in Central Udine: Friuli, Il Caffè dei Libri, La Feltrinelli, Libreria Gaspari Einaudi, Libreria Tarantola


The events of Dedica prelude are realized:

with the support of
Fondazione Friuli
Servizi CGN
Crédit Agricole Friuladria
Comune di Azzano Decimo
Comune di Cervignano del Friuli
Comune di Marano Lagunare
Comune di Porcia

under the patronage of
Comune di Gruaro
Comune di Sacile

in collaboration with
Associazione Bottega Errante
Associazione La Ruota Gruaro
Biblioteca Civica Pordenone
Caffè Letterario Codroipese
Casa della Musica Codroipo
Libreria Quo Vadis? - Pordenone
Librerie in Comune – Udine
Ute di Sacile e Altolivenza
Istituto Comprensivo di Sacile


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